Aarie Liebreich

After six years at Bay Area startups, Aarie joined the Runstad Dept of Real Estate with the goal of gaining hands-on experience in the commercial real estate space. Aarie’s previous role as Director of Relationship Management at a San Francisco based data and analytics firm led him to find a passion in the nuances of real estate data and its applications. In this role he advised industry leading underwriting teams at some of the nation’s largest banks and IBuyers on their asset valuation challenges. He was able to draw on a wealth of knowledge from his past roles as a residential mortgage loan originator and as an entrepreneur investor focused on residential single and multi-family housing.  

Having cut his teeth in Bay Area real estate startups, Aarie chose to join the MSRE program in Fall of 2021. He is intent on building a strong professional network and developing the critical skills to be successful in this industry. Aarie is keen to work in the adaptive redevelopment space converting existing structures to mixed use retail and housing. The opportunity to convert underused assets to thriving community centerpieces inspired his decision to join this program and drives his daily learning.