Hunt, Austin

Austin Hunt

Austin is pursuing a master’s degree in Real Estate with a focus in Development. He is interested in socially conscious, design-forward urban development.

Austin graduated cum laude with an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. During his undergraduate career, he worked as an intern for the Massachusetts Port Authority in the Department of Real Estate & Asset Management producing graphics for the research, analysis, and presentation of Massport’s real estate holdings. He also interned with Maxwell Architects, a small four-person architecture firm specializing in the renovation of residential and assisted living developments. Throughout his architectural studies, his interests shifted away from architecture and design toward planning and real estate. Following graduation, he moved cross-country to pursue development in Seattle at the University of Washington.

By shifting away from the more detail-specific role of the architect and toward the broader view taken by a developer, Austin hopes to find a role that suits his diverse skill set. With a background in design and strong analytical skills, he hopes to pursue his passion for the built environment on a greater scale. He is currently working as an analyst for JCMV LLC with the goal of expanding his industry knowledge and contacts while further diversifying his skills as a strategic developer.