Cindy Zhao

The past two decades of rapid urbanization in China have left many Chinese cities covered with wounds and scars, such as slum areas in the middle of prosperous metropolitan districts and a lack of decent housing for common people. Having witnessed so many of these cases in my growth, I have fostered an eagerness to make my contribution to the improvement of the living environment for the poor. I still remember once telling myself at a young age that if I could repair the city, then I could cure society. As childish as it seemed, it was how my dream began.

When I grew up, I wondered how I could improve people’s life via housing and I have been endeavoring to find answers through my four years of real estate study. I always feel very lucky to have the opportunity to study at Chongqing University, which ranks first in the field of real estate in China. During my undergraduate time, my grade has always been at the top of my class and I was awarded the National Scholarship. With increasing efforts in this area, I apply to the MSRE program since, in such a community of like-minded partners, from whom I learned from success and failure, I could get contacts with the world’s business elites, giving me a tangible competitive advantage in the job market and helping to accumulate meaningful contacts.

All my education, internships, and personal abilities have testified to my professional knowledge and real-world skills. I am confident to overcome all the challenges raised in this field in the future, which offers me a better insight outside the box in my current field, enabling me to explore a new world of real estate.