Efthimiadis, Nicholas

Nicholas Efthimiadis

Seattle grown, Nicholas is a University of Washington graduate with a background in Economics and Urban Design and Planning. Looking to further his knowledge of the built environment, he has returned to pursue concurrent dual Master degrees in Urban Planning and Real Estate. Nicholas is a passionate advocate for fostering Seattle’s urban fabric. He is interested in the intersection of urban infill development, urban design, and housing policy.

Nicholas works at Hunters Capital, a Capitol Hill based boutique development and real estate services company. He assists in everything from project underwriting and commercial leasing to participating in community meetings and the unsung heroic office duty, filing. In particular, he focuses on sorting through the myriad of upzones, rezones, and Mandatory Housing Affordability requirements outlined by the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA).

Nicholas is an avid skier and occasional alpine ski racer (slalom and giant slalom), though he breaks no speed records. When not skiing, he can be found somewhere outside: hiking, backpacking, biking, or running. However, he remains a city boy at heart and enjoys documenting Seattle’s changing urban landscape, visiting the world’s great urban centers, and riding on as many metro systems as possible.