Haines, Emily

Emily Haines

Emily Haines is a Native Pacific Northwesterner and grew up just across the Sound on Bainbridge Island.

Emily came into real estate through a unique path.  For the past decade she has been a K-2 Elementary School teacher teaching in both the Highline and Mercer Island School Districts.  Real estate began as a side-business after Emily purchased an investment property. Owning and operating her own property sparked Emily’s entrepreneurial spirit.  Since then she has been eagerly self-educating herself. Receiving her Master’s in Science in Real Estate from UW signifies Emily’s formal career shift to the real estate world.  She believes the passion, drive and critical thinking she has learned from her professional years as a teacher will serve her well.

Emily has a desire to create mixed-use and multifamily buildings that are well-thought in their design and have a positive impact on the neighborhood that surrounds them.  Along with the MSRE program, Emily is currently designing and building a backyard cottage behind her 1920s Seattle home.