Aune, Julie

Julie Aune

Julie obtained her undergraduate degree in Planning and Environmental Policy from
Western Washington University. During this time, she interned with Whatcom County
Planning and Development, and her interest in land and development was solidified.

With over 15 years of experience as an agent, supervisor, and manager on eminent
domain projects for Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Sound
Transit, Army Corps of Engineers, and local public agencies, Julie’s approach
incorporates a comprehensive understanding of agency as well as private-sector roles.

Right-of-way is multi-disciplinary field requiring agents and managers alike to be
comfortable interpreting and applying federal, state, codes and regulations and well-
versed in real estate, negotiations, appraisal, communications, and psychology. As a
result, Julie is at an excellent starting point for development projects and economic
development endeavors.

Presently, Julie volunteers as Communications-Outreach Chair for IRWA (International
Right of Way Association) Chapter 4 and is a parent volunteer at a local elementary
school. She believes in forward thinking in terms of designing, re-structuring, and
encouraging healthy communities.

Julie’s goal is to collaborate with the community to bring mixed-use, multi-generational
villages into existence by diversifying the options for seniors and others seeking a
different way of living beyond the usual single-family, apartment, and condo housing