Lee, Ka Yan

Ka Yan Lee

Karen is a dual degree student in the Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Real Estate programs. She is pursuing a career path which utilizes both design-thinking and strategic financial planning skillsets. She plans to diversify her knowledge in real estate, and bring it into the architecture design realm. For her, the “architect” and the “developer” should not be two separate roles, but instead the roles should fold together to create an informative decision-making process early on in projects to improve the quality of the built environment. The Runstad Department of Real Estate offers her immense opportunities to engage with various professionals, organization groups, and networks to further pursue her career path.

Hailing from Aberdeen, SD (the third largest town in the state). Karen graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a focus on housing and community development. She has focused her research on affordable housing design and social infrastructure strategies to support community engagement. If you see Karen around the campus, feel free to say hi.