Rajakumar, Nandita

Nandita Rajakumar

Born and Brought up in India, Nandita moved to the United States to pursue a career and degree in Architecture and now in University of Washington, getting her Master of Science in Real Estate, with a focus in Development. Hailing from a family of doctors, Nandita was the wild Child who opted to study the built environments and has hopes to impact the paradigm of real estate.

Nandita believes that design and proper planning can build a Utopian city where there is harmony socially, economically and environmentally. In her undergraduate years, while studying Architecture in Washington state University received a research grant from the EPA to develop a sustainable re-use of waste material to build energy efficient walls. Nandita graduated magna cum Laude from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science and master’s degrees in Architecture.

With a Degree in Real estate science along with her architectural background, Nandita hopes to make well-rounded and informed decisions in her future works. She is currently working as an Architectural Designer for Katerra Architecture, a vertically integrated tech-construction company, focused on transforming the construction industry.