Spencer, Rebecca

Rebecca Spencer

Rebecca is pursuing her master’s in Real Estate as a means to facilitate her fascination with the built environment. She is dedicated to real estate practices which foster resilient communities and eco-sustainability.

As a 2019 Runstad Affiliate Fellow, Rebecca will be drawing from her undergraduate experience to research cultural conditions in relationship with the built environment. She completed her undergraduate with Honors in contemporary Art History and Sculpture from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. During her undergraduate degree she served as Vice President-Elect of External Communications for the Fine Arts student body. In her role she acted as the student-chair on the Fine Arts Faculty Board, wrote grants to fund student programs, paneled student grant rounds, and organized events. During her studies she worked as a chef and curated art exhibitions, while exhibiting her own work in Montreal Art galleries.

On graduation Rebecca worked four years at a small, private mortgage fund in Portland, Oregon. It was during this time that Rebecca achieved Senior and Supervising Analyst and came to understand the immense implications of mastering finance skills. As such, she is thrilled to be diving into finance and investment during the course of her studies at the University of Washington. Rebecca believes in serving her community and does so in her current role as Securitization Manager at the Washington State Department of Commerce. She oversees the legal processes related to non-profit real property development, funded through community development grant programs, and legislatively mandated project appropriations. With experience in lending, loan management, construction development, and affordable housing, Rebecca is looking forward to exploring the real estate landscape in the beautiful city of Seattle.