Vishwakarma, Sakriti

Sakriti Vishwakarma

Sakriti Vishwakarma hails from Delhi, India where she pursued an undergraduate and a master’s degree in architecture. During her undergrad, she worked as an intern for Sukalpa Architects and Heritage Design and Consulting Organization where she worked on government facilities, interiors and heritage projects. After completing her undergrad, she went to work for a military architecture firm and simultaneously established her own architecture firm. Her passion for the preservation of heritage led her to pursue a Master’s in Architectural Conservation from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi-India.

While pursuing her Masters, she worked on several Heritage sites in India, some of which dated back 1000 years in a part-time capacity with Dharohar, a non-profit organization. After graduating she joined Amity University as an Assistant Professor to share her passion and experiences with budding architects. She also gave guest lectures at various colleges to share her experiences. She continued her architecture practice and worked as a consultant on heritage projects while teaching. After moving to USA in 2017, she started focusing on research and published two papers on architecture, heritage and sustainability. She is currently working as a Research Assistant in the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at the Runstad Department of Real Estate, University of Washington.

Her reason for joining the MSRE program is to bridge the gap between preservation and real estate by promoting adaptive reuse and sustainable development practices. With her technical skills and knowledge from this program, Sakriti hopes to find a role complimenting her skills and contribute towards sustainable and holistic development.