Tino Lee

Throughout my upbringing in Taiwan, I have watched my family operate their real estate development company in Taiwan, dealing with architects, accountants, and banks while coordinating real estate development. For my own future career, I plan to take the reins of this operation, which will require more advanced knowledge of real estate development. While majoring in Business Management at National Kaohsiung Normal University, I have sought to take as many courses related to my career interests as possible. I took the course Real Estate Investment and Management, where I learned about the real estate market development cycle, future values calculation, and land and building value assessment, as well as generally broadening my theoretical foundation related to my practical experiences during my internship session at the local real estate company in Kaohsiung City.

For over four years now, I have also been actively working at a real estate development company in Kaohsiung City, which has proven a highly instructive complement to my university studies. From 2017 to late 2018, I did an internship as Office Assistant, which involved conducting cost analyses for various construction projects, drafting the budgets, processing project final accounts, and analyzing financial reports. Subsequently, I took the position of Sales Specialist, which involved researching real-estate prices in the market and analyzing clients’ requirements. Before coming to the State, I was in the role of Design Assistant as my last position in the company, where my responsibilities include inspecting construction sites to ensure the designs are realized correctly, monitoring the progress, processing reimbursements and carrying out final account procedures.