Underwood, Sean

Sean Underwood

As a candidate for a Masters in Real Estate (MSRE) at the University of Washington I hope to further my real estate education in two primary sectors. Firstly, to build on my undergraduate finance degree and relevant professional finance work with a real estate focus. Additionally, to understand, practice in an academic environment, and ultimately propose real world development projects under the guidance of top real estate professionals.

I have always been interested in real estate holding two internships at brokerage firms, CBRE and The Broderick Group. Additionally, I find tax implications and financial strategies fascinating within this asset class. I am currently working full time as a property manager on three commercial industrial buildings in Everett and Woodinville markets. I have held this position for 18 months.

I grew up the son of two developers based out of Bellevue. I’ve lived in the surrounding area all my life and developed a strong affinity for every part of the Pacific Northwest. I’m a chess, soccer, skiing, and sports fanatic!