Victoria Wang

An avid learner and challenge taker, Victoria is currently a full-time student of the Master of Science in Real Estate two-year program at the University of Washington. With four years of entrepreneurial experience in strategic planning of her family business Wang Investment LLC in Pikesville, Maryland, she makes sure that every business decision encompasses her vision of an independent investor and her role as a socially conscious community-builder. Upon completing her study with Cum Laude honor and obtaining the degree of the bachelor of science in Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh, she directed her goal to studying the city-scope strategy of the top performing housing market in the greater Seattle area. Victoria is passionate about finance and investment in commercial real estate, namely multi-family and office. She plans to become a financial analyst in commercial real estate upon her graduation from the MSRE program in 2023, and proceeds to pursue a career in portfolio management for investment firms or private equities in the next 10 years.