Xu Yijiao

Yijiao Xu

Yijiao Xu came from Ordos, a city in northern China. She earned her undergraduate degree in Financial Management at Renmin University of China, Beijing.

With a background in business, Yijiao always has passion in gaining experience in business world. She is interested in real estate investment, and financial and market analysis. She has practiced her analytical skills in different internships in financial services, including investment, auditing, financial advisor and commercial banking.

Yijiao also has passion in exploring the world, thus, she enjoys living in different places, working with various people and getting exposure to more industries. She has interest in real estate investment because the comprehensive process of evaluating targets meets her desire of exploring different areas. The predictions of cash flow need a comprehension of information about finance, real estate market, land and city planning, macroeconomics and even cultural issues. She wishes to get involved in real estate business deeper and deeper to inspire more thoughts.