New Zealand 2016

The 2016 Fellows included Richard Mohler, Architect and Associate Professor, Department of Architecture; Barbara Swift, Landscape Architect and Founder of Swift Company LLC; Giovanni Migliaccio, Associate Professor, Department of Construction Management, Joe David; Project Manager Point32; Ben Broesamle, MSRE 2016 Candidate; Genevieve Hale-Case, MSRE/MUP 2017 Candidate; and Amy Hartman, MSRE 2017 Candidate.

The Fellows travelled to Auckland, New Zealand to explore the ways in which we can rapidly transform the function and capacity of the public right of way to support a rich urban life at a time of unprecedented population growth. Typically, over a quarter of the urban environment, the right of way currently acts as the venous system for our cities. It is the largest segment of public space in the city and in theory is equally accessible by everyone for multiple uses and civil daily life, but is off limits to uses other than getting from point A to point B. Specifically, they explored the policy, regulations, and funding mechanisms that support:

  • Transportation and parking
  • Utilities and infrastructures
  • Ecological, cultural and social function, including fostering a cultural capacity to work together and build a diverse civil life
  • Land use policy