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See More From the Fellows’ Travels…

It’s impossible to capture all we saw in small blog entries, so the Runstad Affiliate Fellows are working to collected all their images and display them on an upcoming online gallery. Stay tuned…

Medellín in Seattle!

Just two weeks after our return from Medellin, the Governor of Antioquia, Colombia, and former Mayor of Medellin, Sergio Fajardo will be in town, speaking at Kane Hall 120 on April 24, at 7:00 pm. Thanks to the UW Jackson School and the UW CBE! Can’t wait to meet this transformational governor/mayor/leader.


Bogota in Seattle!

Just three days after our return from Bogota and Medellin – ‘Bogota Cambio’ premieres at the NWFilm Forum – several of us showed up and saw this inspiring account of the two incredible Mayors, who in just three three-year terms between them, completely changed the social, physical and economic culture of the city.

Historic Cartagena

Experienced the beautiful Spanish colonial city of Cartagena through the arts scene…amazing biennial that brought all corners of the city alive!

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Visionary Leaders

We met yesterday with the inspiring Jorge Perez, Planning Director of Medellin, former Dean of the school of Architecture, who spoke passionately about the value of community leaders, planning and transforming people’s realities through bringing different worlds together through mobility, public investments, and relationships.

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Remaking Moravia

Moravia: 35 year-old land fill in the middle of the city of Medellin: populated and settled around methane gas holes; then, planned and remediated slowly through different plant types and an intense community outreach effort.

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Medellín Innovates with Social Urbanism

The excellent Carlos Andres touring us through the informal/now formal settlements showing us new public escalators and bike/pathways through this vertical district, he has worked on these projects for over four years, through extensive community involvement.

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More from Bogota

Two sides of the same street – Penalosa’s expansive green park, packed with soccer fields on one side, informal settlements and car repair shops on the other…riding the incredibly fast Transmilenio bus/rapid transit out to Portal de Tunal yesterday in the far southern reaches of Bogota.

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First look at Bogotá

It’s been an amazing start to the trip in the impressively put together city of Bogota… incredibly high quality construction, especially brick residential projects, lush green avenues that we all experienced on the Sunday ride called the ciclovia, and attention to details everywhere in the public realm from stormwater to public toilets to public parks recreated out of former exclusive polo fields!

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Bogotá bound!

Incredible energy down in the city of Citizen Culture… our 2014 Runstad Affiliate Fellows leave tomorrow for Bogotá, awaiting thunderstorms and protests.  Stay tuned for their updates from the road.  Buen viaje, amigos!

photo credit Bill Gaylord
photo credit Bill Gaylord