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RE Major and Minor FAQs

We can initiate the change of major form once your final grade for R E 250 has been officially posted. If you are ready to declare the major, please complete this form and we will submit the Change of Major form on your behalf

Minors can be added once you have a major declared and can be done via your major’s adviser. For example, if you intend to major in Finance, once you’ve been accepted into Foster, your adviser there can declare your RE minor for you.

If you would like to declare a minor, please complete this form and we will submit the form on your behalf.

The Real Estate major has been designed to be completed in as little as 3 academic quarters once you’ve been admitted. This is already a much shorter timeframe than many other majors on campus. Plan ahead to declare at least 3 quarters before when you intend to graduate, and be sure to keep track of the number of credits you’ve taken!

Courses at the 500-level are graduate courses, and undergraduates may only enroll in 400-level and lower RE courses. Graduate-level courses can only be taken by undergraduate students in exceptional circumstances. In such a case, department consent is required. Please contact the real estate undergraduate advising at for such inquiries.

We plan on offering R E 250: Introduction to Real Estate during term A and R E 361: Property Transactions during term B. Students who complete R E 250 during term A will be able to register for RE 361 in term B.

The core classes for the Real Estate major are locked for students currently in the major through Priority Registration Period I. Students in the minor can enroll into these core classes beginning in Registration Period II (typically after the first month). Our core classes are offered at least the 3 major quarters of the year (Autumn, Winter, Spring) with the exception of R E 480. If you find that a class is full, sign up for NotifyUW alerts asap, then contact the RE academic adviser.

The focus of our program is on evidence-based approaches, data-informed decision-making (hence requirements like Analytical Skills), and community engagement. Common minors students in RE pursue include: Applied Mathematics; Business Administration; Computational Finance; Construction Management; Data Science; Economics; Informatics; Leadership

You can find information about the requirements and the options to fulfill the he DOL pre-licensing educational requirement here. None of the UW real estate courses count towards the educational requirement that are courses that prepare you to be successful in passing the state exam. North Seattle College offers the two courses (RES 100 and RES 140) needed every quarter and those credits can transfer as UW credits and counts towards your real estate credits. More information here.

If you are planning on graduating within the next three quarters, fill in this form. Students need to have their graduation application on file by the third Friday of the quarter in which they plan on graduating. No exceptions can be made. Submitting your graduating application gives you priority registration for your remaining quarters.

We have a professional mentoring program that pairs students with recent alumni and established real estate professionals. The program is a year long program starting in Autumn quarter but we will also have a more limited number of matches at the beginning of the Winter and Spring quarter. If you are interested in receiving a mentor, you can fill in this form.

Real Estate students go on to pursue a number of different opportunities since the field is so broad. Recent alumni have accepted positions such as Associate Broker, Development Analyst, Project Manager, and Sales Management Associate.

Based on the small sample of students who have graduated and completed our post-graduation survey, a typical alum has a starting base salary of ~$50,000 (not including any bonuses/benefits that may also be part of an onboarding package).