Hannah Eveleth

Local to Seattle, Hannah has interest in furthering her community engagement through the University of Washington. She is a commercial real estate professional who has worked in the advisory space for the past seven years. Graduating from Florida State University in 2015 with a BS in both Real Estate and Finance, she began working with Ryan, LLC as a property tax consultant in Atlanta. She relocated to Seattle in 2019 with a concentration on the Pacific Northwest and became a manager in 2020. She joined Pivotal Tax Solutions in 2022 with a focus on Washington State.

Her career in the tax advisory space has provided exposure to several facets of the commercial real estate business. Hannah has an understanding of operating financials and proformas and has dedicated her career to problem solving and identifying cost-minimization opportunities. She has worked with a wide array of real estate professionals throughout the lifespan of commercial real estate projects and has experience with a variety of property types.

While fostering these skills, Hannah has developed a keen interest in the development process and is targeting a career in affordable housing development. With an affinity for the Puget Sound region, she has plans to invest professionally and personally in Washington State. Hannah hopes that through the MSRE program she will connect with industry professionals who share a goal of improving housing options and affordability available to our community. In her spare time Hannah enjoys drawing, skiing, and spending time in local parks.