Stanton, James

James Stanton

Mr. Stanton joined the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) to pursue future career opportunities in the real estate space. His primary interests are real estate development, finance, and property technology (primarily to enable to first two interests). Additionally, he is a 2020 Runstad Affiliate Fellow.

Previous to pursuing his MSRE, he worked eight years in technology product management at Glympse (location sharing start-up) and Amazon. At the companies, he built a track record of innovative thinking, producing products from the ground up, developing partners effectively while managing stakeholder buy-in. As employee #4 at Glympse, he grew the partner program from 0 to over 350 million installations. He also led co-marketing and partner development efforts with Fortune 100 partners, including Verizon, Samsung, BMW, GM, Volvo, and Mercedes. At Amazon, he launched messaging on Alexa-enabled devices and brought Alexa Communications (Messaging, Calling, Drop In, and Announcements) to non-Amazon devices. Mr. Stanton also won the Alexa Communications Hackathon “Let’s Spin Up a Team” prize in addition to filing multiple patents.

Mr. Stanton graduated from Amherst in 2008 while majoring in both Neuroscience and Economics. When out of the office and classroom, he enjoys staying active and outdoors as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), a Level II Professional Ski Instructor, and a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer.