Jim Reinhardsen

Jim is an Owner and Managing Director of HEARTLAND LLC and HEARTLAND Capital Advisors. He has extensive experience in evaluating, negotiating, and structuring complex real estate projects, ventures, and transactions. Jim’s dual focus on HEARTLAND’s real estate and capital advisory practice areas gives him a uniquely broad perspective as he works with clients and partners to design and implement of strategies for projects, portfolios and real estate operating, development and investment platforms across the country and internationally.

Prior to joining HEARTLAND, Jim was a real estate, tax, and securities attorney both in California and Washington.

Being educated, but more importantly, being educable drives business, trust, lasting relationships and the legacy the current generation can always pass on to and learn from the next. It is about the questions, not the answers.

I am involved with the Runstad Center as a way to give back while at the same time learning. Having the Runstad Center in the community raises the professionalism of the industry. It is an incredible leadership group trying very hard to set the table for the next generation.