John Schoettler

Since 2001, John has lead Amazon’s global corporate real estate portfolio, overseeing the rapid expansion from 1MM to more than 17.6MM sqft in 16 years.  John and his team are responsible for leasing, asset and construction management of a global portfolio spanning over 165 locations in over 30 countries.  In 2006, John’s team worked with Vulcan Real Estate to develop 1.7MM sqft in Seattle’s South Lake Union, creating a dynamic urban campus which has grown to encompass more than 34 buildings comprising more than 7.5MM sqft.  In 2012, John and the same team negotiated and executed purchase and sale agreements for $1.4B of real estate investments in both South Lake Union as well as three city blocks in Seattle’s Denny Triangle.  In 2014 and 2016 the purchase of an additional 1.5 city block in Seattle’s Denny Triangle neighborhood set in motion an incremental 1.2MM sqft of office development.  John also leads the teams who oversee Amazon’s Global Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness, as well as Global Corporate Travel.

John’s Amazon contributions aren’t limited to his day job of delivering space for employees. He’s actively involved in the community and represents the face of Amazon to many constituencies – government, civic organizations, and the press. the leadership role John played in Amazon’s collaboration with Mary’s Place at a time when Seattle’s Mayor, City Council and many others were talking about how to help Seattle’s homeless, John saw an opportunity to partner with Mary’s Place and create a temporary homeless shelter for over 200 family members by allowing them to utilize a vacant motel on one of our Denny Triangle properties. Because of his connections, foresight, and willingness to take calculated risks, John made a difference in the community (with the side benefit of an improved perception of Amazon).  John is also the past Chair of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the boards of the Downtown Seattle Association and Cascade Public Media (KCTS9).