Jordan Selig

Jordan Selig has been interested in commercial real estate for as long as she can remember. As Martin Selig’s youngest daughter, Jordan grew up in the office. After graduating from Columbia University, where she studied environmental policy, Selig started to see how her passion for sustainability could play an important role in the future of commercial real estate.

Selig started her career in Berlin, Germany, where she put her studies into action by ecologically renovating pre-war buildings across the city. In 2013, she returned to Seattle as MSRE’s Executive Vice President. She has since been a key player in shaping the future of the company her father built from the ground up.

Jordan’s goals for MSRE moving forward include bringing all of the projects they have in the pipeline now into reality. She is also a Board Member of the Seattle 2030 District, an organization that aims to dramatically reduce environmental impacts of building construction and operations through education and collaboration across every sector of the built environment.

In the future, Jordan plans to uphold the values upon which MSRE was built, by providing their clients with top notch customer service and cultivating strong relationships with tenants. What she’s learned about commercial real estate from her father, she says, could fill a thousand-page novel.

“Do not miss the forest for the trees,” she said, on lessons her father has taught her. “Never burn bridges. View the glass as being half full. Listen more than you speak. Think outside the box. Never sell, and above all, follow your passion.”