Skylar Olsen

Dr. Skylar Olsen is a PhD housing economist with over ten years of experience figuring out how, why, and what next. Senior director of the economics program at Tomo, a digital real estate and mortgage start-up, Skylar spends her time making sure consumers, media, real estate agents and her teammates have the data and understanding they need to make better decisions. Skylar had the honor to testify before congress on fair housing issues in April of 2019 and appears on stage, in print and on local and national broadcast and radio stations across the country. Dr. Olsen is a member of the Tom Ferry International exclusive speaker bureau and teaches Market Evolution and Disruption at the University of Washington. Skylar is a fierce advocate for market transparency and a talented humanizer of data and economics. Previously Senior Principal Economist at Zillow Group and a foundational member of their public-facing economics team.