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Seattle Mass Timber Tower, a new study by Callison RTKL

Peter Orser was asked to write a forward for a recent feasibility study conducted by Callison RTKL. This study, Seattle Mass Timber Tower, focuses on mass timber construction (MTC) and the possibility of using MTC for a high rise. Mass timber is a cost effective, energy efficient, renewable material of excellent structural strength that demonstrates high fire resistance. MTC has been used successfully in Europe and British Columbia, but it is a relative newcomer to US building practices. Additionally, MTC structures in the US to date have been limited to 6-10 story buildings. Whether or not MTC can be used for buildings in the 30-40 story range has yet to be fully vetted. As the former CEO of Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company and as the Director of the Runstad Center, Peter recognizes the importance of investing in, researching and discussing technologies that have the potential of delivering sustainable solutions to the urban growth challenges we face. Callison RTKL’s analysis, now publicly available, examines the possibility of utilizing MTC for high rise construction from design, sustainability, affordability, safety and construction perspectives. The full study can be found here.