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WICHE / WRGP Tuition Rate

WICHE / WRGP Tuition Rate

The state of Washington has been a member of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) since 1955. WICHE is a 15-state commission working to improve access to higher education for students in the western region.

The University of Washington’s Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) is part of WICHE’s Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) which makes this program available at a more affordable cost to students living in the following 14 states and 2 US territories. Residents from any of these states who are accepted into the MSRE degree program may apply for the WRGP rate – UW’s resident tuition rate instead of the non-resident rate that out-of- state students would normally pay.

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Guam and Northern Mariana Islands
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming

WRGP Rate Eligibility

Anyone interested in applying for the WRGP tuition rate for the MSRE program must meet the following 2 eligibility requirements:

  1. Residency – Only residents of one of the 14 eligible states and 2 US territories listed above are eligible to apply for the WRGP resident/in-state tuition rate. Applicants must provide evidence of residency (see below for acceptable documents)..
  2. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) – Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to qualify for the WRGP resident rate. Please note that all financial aid decisions, including approval of the WRGP tuition rate, are based in part on academic merit and performance.

Application Overview

Applicants must first apply to the Master of Science in Real Estate program for autumn quarter (WRGP tuition is not available for students entering in winter quarter). You do not need to submit a separate application for WRGP at the time that you apply to the Master of Science program.

The Real Estate Admissions Committee will evaluate all eligible candidates for WRGP tuition during the application review. The Admissions Committee will identify applicants for the WRGP tuition rate based on residency status, academic merit, and overall rank in the MUP candidate pool.

Offers of admission to the Master of Science in Real Estate program are made in February-March, and candidates who’ve been identified for the WRGP tuition rate will be notified at this time.

Once the WRGP-identified applicants have accepted their offer of admission to the program, they must complete and submit the formal WRGP application and provide the following documentation to the department by August 1:

  1. Proof of legal residence in a WRGP state for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the beginning of the first academic term (autumn quarter/September).
  2. Proof of income earned in resident state or resident student status for the same time frame.
  3. Proof of other legal ties to the WRGP State (Employment records, driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter registration or active bank account).

Additional Tuition Rate Information

For anyone who accepts an offer of admission into the MSRE program and is selected for participation in the WRGP, the Department will coordinate directly with UW Student Fiscal Services to implement a WICHE tuition waiver granting the WRGP resident tuition rate. Each student, however, will be responsible for communicating directly with the Office of Financial Aid about their FAFSA application and any other aid.

The awarded WRGP resident rate will apply to the tuition for all years of the degree program. Students will not need to “renew” or reapply for the WRGP rate each year. The University requires that students pursuing more than 1 master’s degree, pay the higher/est tuition rate of the degrees being pursued.
Awarding the Washington resident tuition rate to out-of-state students is at the discretion of the Runstad Department of Real Estate

WRGP Application

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students granted the WRGP tuition rate must maintain good academic standing in the department in order to continue to receive the resident tuition rate. Failure to maintain the minimum UW Graduate School and Department requirements for satisfactory scholarship and progress can result in a withdrawal of the WRGP resident tuition rate.


Please review the WRGP FAQs for additional details about the program. If you still have questions, please contact Melissa Best, Assistant to the Chair, at