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Ciara Joy Laney, Class of 2024

This month, cultures worldwide recognize and celebrate women’s accomplishments. In what ways, if any, has recognizing these celebrated accomplishments of women in Real Estate impacted you as a woman entering that same career field?

Celebrating the accomplishments of women in Real Estate has had a significant impact on me because representation matters. As the saying goes, “If she can see it, she can be it.” As someone interested in real estate development, it’s inspiring to attend speaker panels and see women taking their rightful place at the table. 

What prompted you to declare Real Estate as a major, and what have been some of your highlights as a student of the major?

I chose to major in Real Estate because it provides a platform for me to utilize my skills and passions in areas such as creativity, business finance, and communication. As a student, some of my highlights include serving as a Communication Manager for the Real Estate Club and representing the student body on the College of Built Environments Diversity Council. I will also be competing in Toronto, CA for my first real estate development competition at the end of this month!

Commercial Real Estate has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. How are women in today’s society working to change that narrative?

Women in today’s society are reshaping the narrative by supporting and advocating for each other. Organizations such as CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) are excellent examples of groups that aid and encourage female professionals.

In the area of real estate, why is mentorship important to women?

Mentorship is particularly vital for women in the real estate industry as it is historically male-dominated. It can be discouraging when one’s gender results in not being taken seriously. In an industry with such highs and lows, having a mentor can assist women in navigating these challenges.

How can we empower young women interested in real estate careers?

We can empower young women interested in real estate careers by addressing gender bias, educating ourselves, and celebrating successful women in the industry as role models. Small and consistent steps lead to big change. Progress is progress, no matter how small.