Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma is a MSRE candidate at the University of Washington from India. Vivek has worked for 4+ years developing commercial real estate at Crestone Developers, a general contracting firm, based out of Bangalore, India. Working for his family business, he gained entrepreneurial experience, acquired two Fortune 500 clients for the firm and developed more than 35 projects across South India. His role as a Project & Operations manager equipped him with a strong understanding of the development process including project management, financial analysis, and contract negotiations.

Vivek’s background in commercial interior design and early interest in construction gave him key insights into the industry and drove him to study civil engineering for a bachelor’s degree. During the program, he worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Civil Engineering at UFR Sciences & Techniques, France, where he helped develop a patented technology called Raw Earth Concrete, a sustainable building material, and subsequently presented his research paper at the 16th International Conference-Earth Materials, Paris.

Vivek is a first-generation college student and aims to enhance his understanding in Real Estate investments, acquisitions, and development by leveraging his time spent at the UW’s Runstad Center of Real Estate to advance his development ventures in affordable housing, public health, and supply chain infrastructure. Vivek lives by the motto, “Every time you build a company, you have to first become a subject matter expert. There are no shortcuts.”

Vivek is an avid reader and enjoys painting, cooking, and playing badminton. He currently serves as the Vice-President of the Real Estate Club at the University of Washington.

More about Vivek can be found on his LinkedIn page: