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Shuhan Yi, Class of 2024

This month, cultures worldwide recognize and celebrate women’s accomplishments. In what ways, if any, has recognizing these celebrated accomplishments of women in Real Estate impacted you as a woman entering that same career field?

As a woman entering the same career path as those who are recognized and praised by the media and organizations, I feel like I gain more confidence in building up my career journey. Highlighting women accomplishment posts inspire me to gain hands-on experience from different types of occupations in the real estate industry and do my best in every aspect. They are my role models and they teach me nothing is impossible and women can do great things just like men.

What prompted you to declare Real Estate as a major, and what have been some of your highlights as a student of the major?

I declared real estate as my major because I have been interested in property management, asset management, and portfolio management since when I was a little girl. I would love to build up a solid knowledge base of real estate and seek professional advice from professors, student ambassadors, and advisers regarding future career opportunities. I actively participate in group assignments and establish a bunch of good friendships with peers in class, which is something I am passionate about. In the future, I hope I can establish a bigger career network and ensure which occupation I would like to pursue.

Commercial Real Estate has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. How are women in today’s society working to change that narrative?

The best way to change the narrative that real estate is male-dominated industry is showing everyone that women are capable of doing great in real estate. Big achievements made by women in real estate are concrete evidence that gender cannot and should not permanently determine one’s occupational potential.

In the area of real estate, why is mentorship important to women?

Mentorship is important to women in real estate because a good mentor will guide you, support you, advise you, and help you to set up career goals and future career paths. A mentorship impacts career trajectory since we will have a better understanding of the real estate industry and corresponding career choices and future growth and the very start to slowly form our own network and personal achievements.

How can we empower young women interested in real estate careers?

To empower young women interested in real estate careers, we should set up informational seminars about the real estate industry every quarter and also encourage young women to find their potential by trying a variety of job positions in the real estate industry. Gender-assigned roles and occupations ingrained in most minds and we should educate young women that nobody can belittle their potential and dream career just because we are women and they should chase their dreams regarding negative prejudiced criticisms.