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The #1 reason to study real estate at the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies…

construction#1 Fourth rated city for real estate growth

Is there any better City in America to study Real Estate?  Seattle is in the middle of a real estate boom underpinned by extraordinary growth from “new industry” companies like Amazon, Costco, Starbucks and Microsoft—not to mention other corporate traditional giants like Boeing. New commercial high rises are going up, one on the books for over 100 stories, at least 52 cranes on the horizon, and a commitment from the Mayor to build 50,000 new apartment units in the next 15 years, 20,000 of which are to be “affordable”.  We have the most sustainable building in the world just completed by the Bullitt Center and many other examples of how sustainability (a core value of the program) is working in our current environment. Talented real estate leaders with an advanced degree are in demand!

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