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2015 Runstad Fellows Presentation, this Monday Jan 11th!

2015 Runstad Fellows Event:  Please join us!


Gould 100

please RSVP:

  • Video Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Socializing

See below for more details,

 Kate Simonen & Thaisa Way (UW)
Joe Ferguson and Maiko Winkler-Chin (Seattle Professionals)
Andrew Hunt and Yeon Soo Lee (UW MSRE 2015 Graduates)

 Event Details

As the 2015 Runstad Affiliate Fellows, we would like to invite you to a presentation and discussion of our project on cities, housing, and public space as a means to further our discussions on a CBE project on equity and the urban landscape. The Runstad Travel Research has informed current and evolving research at UW including the CBE urban project being proposed for next year. For this event, the 2015 Runstad exploration will be introduced and connections drawn among the various urban projects we are pursuing as a college, and will include 2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows. Please invite your colleagues in CBE and lets make this a robust and raucous conversation…

Risks and Collaborations: Runstad Observations and CBE Research

How might public and private investments together contribute to creating healthy, affordable, and livable cities in our growing metropolitan region?  The 2015 Runstad Center Affiliate Fellows visited three cities in South America—Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba—to explore the challenges of affordable housing, public spaces, and social cohesion. Starting with a short film on our exploration created by Jose Carlos Teixeira, please join Runstad Fellows Joe Ferguson and Maiko Winkler-Chin and our special guests in a panel discussion exploring how our Fellow’s travel-study shaped how we envision the role of private and public development in efforts to foster a better future for Seattle – its people and its environment.

Monday January 11 at 5:30 pm in Gould 100 

  • 5:30    Gather and enjoy (light snacks provided)
  • 5:45  Runstad Center Introduction/Fellows description/2015 Video
  • Discussion of impact and intention
  • Discussions of CBE project Seattle: The Just and Healthy City
  • 7:00   Wrap up and adjourn

DRAFT CBE proposal: Seattle: The Just and Healthy City

Seattle’s explosive growth is transforming the city’s physical landscape and social fabric.  The city has had a long reputation as a socially progressive place but its current trajectory is one of increasingly inequitable access to housing, open space and mobility. Citizens of color and limited economic means are being excluded from the city and homelessness has reached crisis levels.  At the same time, many citizens resist policy changes intended to counter this trend.

The University of Washington College of Built Environments is uniquely positioned to tackle the vexing problem of increasing social inequity given its expertise in urban history and theory, metrics and analysis, policy, design, transportation, real estate and construction.  Urban@UWCBE proposes a two-year, multi-faceted agenda to investigate this problem and offer a range of potential strategies to address it. The project also provides a platform to elevate a cross disciplinary, action-oriented dialogue within the College and with city officials, activists and the citizenry at large.

 We propose to focus the 2016–2017  academic year on a series of internal discussions in seminar format that would facilitate the planning and construction of the following year. This seminar would engage CBE faculty with invited guests as determined by the faculty. By May 2016, participating faculty would produce a plan for the 2016–2017 academic year including multiple audiences in lectures and discussions as well as coordinated courses and studios drawing students from across the college. The results of this effort will take the form of design and policy proposals as well as publications in both the popular press and peer reviewed journals.