Jade Kim

Jinseo Kim is a graduate student majoring in a Master of Science in Real Estate-Advanced standing at the University of Washington, Seattle. She graduated from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, in 2022 with a double major including a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Social Science in Public Administration.

Jinseo is passionate about trying new experiences out of her comfort zone and applying academic learning to real business. Before the MSRE program, Jinseo worked as a research assistant in the Commercial Asset Consulting team at Cushman & Wakefield. A variety of commercial properties are concentrated in Seoul where she worked, so she has learned many cases of commercial building development while working. The work experience has become a strong motivation for deeply diving into the real estate industry and planning her future professional goals. Therefore, Jinseo is eager to build her career in Real Estate Finance and Investment because she got interested in financial analysis when studying financial management and modeling class.

In her daily life, Jinseo enjoys cooking and going to good restaurants with her friends and family. She also loves to travel across the country and learn different characteristics of the built environment in each city and neighborhood.