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Tuition for the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate depends on the status of the student.

  • UW/graduate degree pursuing students: none (if taken through the student’s normal program of study and within the 18 credit limit per quarter)


  1. Eligibility
    • Students currently enrolled in graduate programs or with a Graduate Non-Matriculated status at the University of Washington
    • Visiting Exchange Student at the University of Washington
  2. Application instructions
    • Applications are accepted twice a year with deadlines of December 15th and May 15th
    • Application Form
    • A letter of interest (400 words describing the student’s background, experiences and motivation for applying
    • Current resume
    • Current UW transcript (unofficial is acceptable; minimum 3.0GPA)
  3. General logistics
    • Students are required to apply and be admitted before taking real estate courses to receive the certificate (students successfully completing RE 510 in the autumn will be considered for immediate admission)
    • No course substitution is allowed
    • Applications will be accepted twice a year (Autumn – December 15th & Spring – May 15th)
    • Applying graduate students need to be enrolled at UW for at least one quarter when applying to the GCRE

For any questions regarding the certificate or application process please contact us at: