Germany + Poland + US 2013

The 2013 group explored the role of commerce as a catalyst to human connection in urban communities amidst economic, political, and natural destruction. Through travel, observation, interviews, and local discussions around commerce as an experience fostering positive social experience, the Fellows sought to build an understanding of the conscious and unconscious patterns that foster urban vibrancy; specifically thriving communities, even amidst adversity. With the addition to the Fellows Program of documentary filmmaker Eric Becker, the observed patterns were revealed in a unique form of visual storytelling around human connection and commerce. The Fellows group traveled to cities both in Eastern Europe and the U.S. that have re-defined and/or retained their culture while displaying inherent resilience amidst destruction. Travel destinations included cities within Germany and Poland, with a capstone visit to Detroit. 2013 Fellow Gabriel Grant is featured in Eric Becker‘s recent short film,“Placemaking & Seattle”.