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Application Instructions

All applications should be completed online to the University of Washington Graduate School

Admission Deadline (Advanced & Regular standing)

GRE or GMAT is not required

For U.S. citizens and permanent residents, there is a soft deadline of January 15th, for scholarship priority. Applications received after this date will be considered on a space-available basis.

The admission deadline for international applicants is January 15th. International applicants are encouraged to submit all application materials in advance of that date to allow sufficient time for review and visa processing.

Application Checklist (Advanced & Regular standing)

Application Checklist

Applicants should choose either the “Master of Science in Real Estate -Advanced” program or “Master of Science in Real Estate -Regular” depending on their undergraduate background.

Determination of the best-suited MSRE standing (Advanced or Regular) based on the applicant’s undergraduate degree:

Master of Science in Real Estate -Advanced Standing: Incoming students with a quantitative  bachelor’s degree (e.g. business, real estate or engineering/construction, etc.), can pursue this pathway as they should have previously completed coursework in all the following areas:

    • Basic statistics
    • Introductory accounting and/or financial reporting
    • Introductory management techniques
    • Introductory data visualization techniques.

Applicant transcripts will be evaluated to confirm they met the advanced standing admission requirements for coursework in the above areas allowing them to complete the program with a minimum of 41 credits. Additionally, if an incoming student has obtained a non-quantitative bachelor’s degree, followed by a quantitative master’s degree they will be considered under the advanced standing path

Applicants should choose either the “Master of Science in Real Estate -Advanced” program or “Master of Science in Real Estate -Regular” depending on their undergraduate background.

Master of Science in Real Estate -Regular: Incoming students who possess a non-quantitative bachelor’s degree (e.g. arts, humanities, etc.) and upon the review of their transcripts it is confirmed that they have not taken or successfully completed quantitative courses (e.g. statistics, accounting/financial reporting, management, and visualization techniques). These students will be required to take a minimum of 70 credits, with a portion focusing on quantitative and background skills.

The following materials are required when applying;

Application Fee

An application fee of $85 (U.S.) is required to complete the online application to the University of Washington (UW) Graduate School


The resume should include:

  • Academic and professional experience
  • Academic and/or professional honors, prizes, or scholarships
  • Leadership positions

Personal Statement

This should include your career objectives, reasons for choosing to undertake graduate study in real estate, and expectations from the Runstad Department of Real Estate. Help us understand your personal goals and desires with respect to the field of real estate. This constitutes one of the major documents in the review of your application, and you are encouraged to prepare it very carefully.

In 1-2 pages, describe for us:

  • Academic and professional experience
  • your long-term career objectives
  • your most substantial professional contributions or the situation that helped you define your professional objectives
  • the central skills, knowledge, and experiences you will bring to graduate studies
  • the factors that led you to decide that this program of graduate study offered by the Runstad Department would be most helpful to your career development
  • any special area(s) within real estate
  • please outline specifically your quantitative skills either through your professional experience, previous degree, community college, or other quantitative courses you took


  • These are required from each college or university you have attended. Please upload an unofficial copy of your transcripts into the online application.
  • If you are accepted into the program, you’ll be asked to send an official sealed copy to the UW Graduate Admissions Office. Please do not send sealed copies to the Department of Real Estate.


  • We require two letters of recommendation. These should be submitted electronically by those writing the recommendations after you complete the UW Graduate School and MSRE online application. Letters of recommendation can come from either your professional or academic experiences.


  • If English is not your first language you will require evidence of a minimum level of English. This can be provided through a well-balanced score on the TOEFL test. Please contact us for more information.

Program Contact: Eli Heller, Graduate Advisor + Career Coach: