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The MSRE program is a comprehensive graduate program that prepares students for future leadership roles in the real estate industry. The program combines academic rigor with practical relevance and is taught by leading real estate faculty and affiliate instructors who are industry leaders. The program is located within the College of Built Environments, providing students with a truly interdisciplinary experience. Small class sizes allow for heightened interaction with faculty and various opportunities to participate in intercollegiate competitions.

Real Estate courses are typically offered 8.30am-4.30pm with one course being the exception. However, the 10 credits of elective courses required for the completion of either MSRE standing can be taken across campus among graduate level courses or courses at the 400 level at different time slots.

GRE or GMAT is not required


MSRE– Regular standing

MSRE– Advanced standing

Curriculum at a glance



Length – Full-time

2 years (6 quarters)

1 year (3 quarters)

Length – Part-time

Advisor/student coordination

2 years (6 quarters)

Total credit hours



Application Deadline

January 15th (hard deadline – Internationals and soft deadline – domestic),

(late applications will be considered, however, scholarships or placement cannot be guaranteed)

Admission qualifications*

Non-quantitative bachelor’s degree

(e.g. arts, humanities etc.)

Quantitative bachelor’s degree

(e.g. business, real estate, engineering/construction etc.)

 Tuition (estimate)

$36,824 (resident),

$73,648 (non-resident/international)

$18,412 (resident),

$37,630 (non- resident/international)





* All transcripts will be reviewed for inclusion of quantitative courses [e.g. statistics, accounting/financial reporting, management, and visualization techniques(e.g. econometrics, programing, coding etc.)]

International students are required to enroll in 10 credits per quarter to maintain their visa status

Program Contact

Eli Heller – Graduate Program Advisor & Career Coach –

The MSRE is designated as a STEM degree. This designation makes international graduates eligible for up to 3 years post-graduation U.S. work eligibility.

MSRE overview – presentation

Student Body and Program Location

The applicants we receive for the MSRE bring a unique and varied portfolio of interests, professional affiliations, and a passion for real estate. Throughout the course of the year you will face challenges and encounter learning experiences designed to prepare you for your future career. Students come from diverse academic and geographic backgrounds, but they form close bonds as they work together and share their common career goals. This diversity of interests and experiences is a key component in the journey of exploration and professional development that is part of the MSRE.

Seattle provides the perfect environment to study the key issues facing real estate today. The Puget Sound region has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S over the last thirty years and is home to major corporations including Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom. While Seattle is a fabulous interactive classroom, the program provides national and international context and relevance. This global outlook is vital in an industry that is increasingly operating on a cross-border basis. It is more important than ever that graduates are aware of how markets differ globally, and how investors behave differently.